Turkey is very strategically located as a hub for oil and gas transmission among Europe, Caucasia and the Middle East. As a Mediterranean country stretching from Aegan to Mesopotamia, Turkey enjoys a unique and great potential of renewable energy resources stemming from its streams, winds and sun.

As the world’s 17th largest economy with an ongoing rapid rate of growth, Turkey is also in great need of efficient and safe energy. Turkey is also an important mining country providing precious metals, stones and minerals to the world markets.

Ünsal Gündüz offers excellent legal services to producers, processors, transporters, distributors, marketers, device manufacturers as well as other actors in fossil energy, nuclear energy, renewable energy and mining industry in Turkey and in the region.

Along with intense energy and natural resources production, transmission, distribution and marketing activities, Turkey’s being a tourism and heavily industrialized country, environmental matters are in the center of social and political life.

Our services include regulatory advice, transactional and contractual planning, negotiations and drafting, and dispute resolution in energy and natural resources industries and environmental matters.